What diagnosis can pelvic floor PT treat?

Incontinence (urine, gas, or stool)

Nocturia (waking more than once a night to go to the bathroom)

Urinary frequency (urinating more than once every 2 hours)

Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Pelvic and perineal pain

Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Pelvic Floor Tension


Dyspareunia (Painful sex)

Postpartum Muscle Weakness

Sexual Dysfunction

Muscle Spasms

ConstipationCoccyx or tailbone pain

Pelvic floor Muscle Weakness

Prolapse management

Pre and Postoperative (hysterectomy, laparoscopic female procedures, etc)

Symptoms of Endometriosis and PCOS

I just had a baby. How soon can I come in?

While internal assessment and treatment is generally deferred for at least 6 weeks, there is a lot pelvic floor PT can do to help with any leaking, constipation, and pain that you may be having immediately postpartum. Dr. Jen can educate you and give you simple but effective exercises or activity modifications to use in these early weeks.

Can I bring my baby to PT with me?

Yes! We know life with little ones can be crazy. It is hard to juggle self care and child care! That is why we are committed to making things as easy for mom as possible. We have a bouncer, sit and play, tent/playhouse, and a variety of toys for different age levels to keep your little one happy and occupied while you work on you!

I'm due in less than a month. Is it too late for me to benefit from PT?

Absolutely not! There are some exercises, support systems, or activity modifications you can begin immediately that can help alleviate any symptoms that you may be having.

I'm pregnant and am worried I won't have the birth I want/envision. Can you help?

Many women come to pelvic floor PT after discovering their pelvic floor is tight and causing pain or leaking. Pelvic floor PT does not just encompass the pelvic floor. Dr. Jen can assist in making sure your pelvic floor is at a good resting position, ensure you know how to relax the pelvic floor to make the most of each of your pushes, and educate on different positions or activities you can do to give breech babies the most room to flip into the head down position. Additionally, Dr. Jen works with many midwives and doulas in the area, and can help facilitate meeting with one or more of these providers who would work well with your personality and birth goals.

I had a C-section. Can I still benefit from PT?

Yes! Your pelvic floor held a baby in for 9 months. That is a lot of extra weight, pressure, and overall work. It has been working overtime and can definitely be compromised, even if you had a C-section. When you have a C-section, the incision is made through your abdominals right above your pubic bone, which is very closely related anatomically to the pelvic floor. There can absolutely be carry over of trauma. Additionally, if your abdominals are weak, your pelvic floor has to pick up the slack as the abdominals are not capable of providing the stability and support they were before being cut. Also, many women labor before ending up with a c section. There can be pushing and various vaginal techniques and interventions attempted that can impact the pelvic floor, even if baby is not born vaginally.

I had babies so long ago, I have been peeing my pants for decades. Is it too late/am I told old to be helped?

No! The pelvic floor is mostly a muscle. Just like any muscle, if it is weak, a little focus and it can get stronger, and if it is tight, it can be taught to relax. There is a never a stage where you are too far postpartum or too far post menopause where pelvic floor PT cannot be beneficial for you.

Can you come see me in my home?

Yes! We are centrally located, so anyone in St. Charles, St. Louis, Lincoln, or Warren County could be within our home care radius. Give us a call and we can work out the details!

My pelvic floor is fine, but my hips, back, knee, ankle, or shoulder bothers me. Can I still come see you?

YES! At StL Women's PT, we primarily provide care for prenatal, postpartum, incontinence, and pelvic pain issues. This is because there are not many providers certified in these specialties, and these are the women who typically find us. That being said, Dr. Jen has extensive outpatient orthopedic experience for nearly a decade prior to transitioning to mostly pelvic floor PT. She worked very closely with her first clinic director, which is where she learned professional level shoulder rehabilitation, both surgical and nonsurgical. This clinic director worked directly with the St. Louis Cardinals and has treated athletes from over 20 MLB organizations. Outside of having this unique but highly effective approach to shoulder rehabilitation, Dr. Jen also spent 2 years working almost exclusively with total knee replacements and total hip replacements. She would see the patients in their home immediately after discharge from the hospital and then worked to transition them into the clinic. If you are a woman who feels more comfortable receiving one on one, individualized care from a female therapist, then StL Women's PT is for you! Uncertain because your ache, pain, or problem was not listed above? Give us a call and we will let you know if we can help.


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