Dr. Jen is passionate about educating the community and debunking all the myths and misconceptions that women have been told for years. Misconceptions such as:

• After you have a baby, you will pee your pants when you run, jump, laugh, cough, or sneeze

• Painful intercourse is a common and unavoidable side effect of motherhood or menopause

• If you have prolapse, you need surgery to fix it

• And so much more

Dr. Jen has presented in front of large and small groups of women in all ages and stages of life throughout the St. Louis area. If you have had the chance to listen to her, there is no doubt you have left with a better understanding of what the pelvic floor does and steps you can take today to optimize your pelvic health. If you have not had the chance to see one of her presentations in person, or if you would like to learn even more, take advantage of these great resources!

What to Expect


Pelvic Pain & Prolapse

Pregnancy & Postpartum


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